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Business as usual is off the table: Is it Time to Reinvent yourself?

Yetta Blair, Founder, Ink Publishing & Design

Try to remember when you first heard of the virus striking so many in Wuhan, China. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? Most likely none of us imagined the impact it would have on our daily lives, including our businesses. It was business as usual.

Then, the virus moved faster than anyone thought. It impacted our businesses in ways no one imagined. Social distancing and stay at home orders. Businesses were forced to close their doors. No concrete plans on when and how to reopen the economy. Business as usual was off the table. We felt turned upside down and inside out.

Here is a crazy thought: maybe that will turn out to not be such a bad thing. Maybe, its an opportunity to rethink how you do business – everything from services to products to processes to suppliers. Maybe, just maybe, it’s an opportunity to reinvent your business and reinventing your businesses could change your attitude from despair into a new sense of possibility and purpose.

Reinventing your business does not make sense for everyone. For some, coming out of the ashes will mean reopening the doors and rehiring. That’s a good thing! We will cheer you on and support you in every way.

For others, however, it may mean reshaping your business around the new realities of the world. This could bring new opportunities never imagined. New products. New services. New vendors. New processes. New customers. New business. A reinvention could be a risky approach, but it could also make your business more viable for the long haul and more profitable.

Larger corporations usually have more financial resources to tap into than a small business during a crises. But, one advantage a small businesses has is that it‘s more nimble. It’s easier for a small business to change course quickly. You could use this advantage to move past the crisis and into new opportunities.

Reinvention could be the new story for your business. Tell your new story. Let it connect people. Let it move people. We would love to hear it.

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